Thor { Thor Abides }



It's been a terribly long time since I posted much of anything, hasn't it?
Well, hopefully that is about to change.
This post is an OPEN REQUEST POST for icons and banners. For now I am not limiting the amount of persons able to request, but that may change should I become overwhlemed. All you have to do is comment with 4 or 5 HI-RES or magnificent quality pics and tell me whether you want an icon and/or a banner. If you want a banner, please be specific as to what you want on it, unless you just really trust me with coming up with something awesome, but I don't quite think I'm that good a mind reader. ;) Also, I would PREFERABLY like for the pics to be from a fandom related to my interests because it's easier for me to make the icons that way, BUT if you have good quality pics, I won't deny them.