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In Sympathy [The Mentalist Fanmix]

{ In Sympathy: A Patrick Jane Fanmix }
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This mix goes through several different aspects of Patrick Jane's character.
And, as I am terrible at explaining myself, I will rely solely on quotes to explain my choices.

01. Feel It Now by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

"I hope that she doesn't become bitter and finds happiness, because happiness is so hard to find.
Once you find it you better hang on tight or you will lose it."
"That's true....that's true."

02. SW by Blonde Redhead

"Jane, we're officers of the law.
"You are. I don't care about the law. I care about justice. And justice says Machado deserves to suffer."
"That's not justice. It's vengeance."
"What's the difference?"

03. Infra-Red by Placebo

"We've never discussed this because I thought it went without saying, but when I catch Red John, I'm going to cut him open and watch him die slowly like he did with my wife and child. Now if you have a problem with that, we should talk."
"Then let's talk. Because, when we catch Red John, we're going to take him into custody and he's going to be tried in a court of law."
"Not if I'm still breathing."

04. In Sympathy by Depeche Mode

"See, the thing is, Flip, Lisbon here is looking at you like you're a pork chop, because you fit the profile. Your life is in chaos, you're lonely, you're depressed, you're addicted to drugs and pornography and a little nuts, to be honest. You're exactly the kind of man that does terrible things to women. But I don't think you did this."

05. Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiësto Remix) by Sarah McLachlan

"I've a daughter that would be about your age if I hadn't caused her death... her and her mother."
"Out of arrogance... stupidity. I made an evil man very angry and he killed them to teach me a lesson. To make me sorry for what I've done... and I am sorry. Being sorry is far worse punishment than being dead, everybody dies... very few people ever feel truly sorry for the bad things they've done."

06. All Fall Down by OneRepublic

"Everything you told me is total fiction, isn't it?"
"Why? I can tell you're in real pain. Why not tell the truth?"
"The truth is mine."

07. The Man Who Isn't There by Oren Lavie

"I used to make a good living pretending to be a psychic.
I tell you this because I want you to understand there's no point hiding things from me."

08. Chinese Blues by Travis

"Who are you?"
"I'm Patrick Jane. I'm here to help you."

09. Map of the Problematique by Muse

"...true demonic evil burns like fire. It burns with a terrible cold, dark flame. I force myself to look into that flame and I see an image of the evil-doer; in this case, Red John. He's an ugly, tormented little man; a lonely soul. Sad, very sad."

10. My Oh My by David Gray

"Ever since your wife and daughter were killed there's a question about that night's events that's been tormenting you, yes?"
"Your wife wants me to tell you that your daughter never woke up. She didn't know what happened. She wasn't scared, not even for a second."
"You done channeling? That's it?"
"That's it."

11. Needs by Collective Soul

"Dr. Daniel, no offense, but I've been working with Patrick Jane for nine months now.
You wanna get under my skin, you're gonna have to up your game."

12. Hymn by Andy Stochansky

"The Kingdom of God is a real place, Mr. Jane, and you have an immortal soul."
"I do hope you're wrong."

13. Hoodoo by Muse

"Believe me when I tell you that you just now made the worst mistake of your miserable little life."
"Believe me, no matter how this turns out, I've made worse mistakes."

14. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking by Snow Patrol

"Red John thinks of himself as a showman, an artist. He has a strong sense of theater. In all of the previous killings, he made sure that the first thing that anyone sees is the face on the wall. You see the face first and you know. You know what's happened and you feel dread. Then, and only then, do you see the body of the victim..."

15. Crystal Ball by Keane

"How can you be so cold?

16. Fly by Ludovico Einaudi

Full mix download available at:


Mucho thanks goes to credulesque  for her inspiration and enabling.
Credit goes to open_distance  for all the screencaps.

All previous fanmixes can be found here:

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